Saturday, April 12, 2014

A closer look at Arlene's technique

In a past blog I stated that my hats and fascinators are the best made in America and gave you several reasons why. One of the reasons was that my hand made flowers are not only beautiful but also because they are different from anyone else's flowers.  Here is a close up look at one type flower that I make, which I call blended flowers. These three views are of flowers that have been made by taking apart silk flowers, making and adding more petals made of either organza or crepon sheer and finishing them off with custom stamens.  You will see that the crepon sheer picks up the light and adds a little glint in the sun. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

12th Street Shoes Fashion Show

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to show some of my fascinators in 12th Street Shoes fashion show.  It was a lovely gathering of Bellingham ladies and a few gents. One of the highlights for me was the littlest model, Kayleigh, Jody's (owner of 12th Street Shoes) 5 year old daughter. I made 4 child size fascinators for her and she stole the show.  I was so happy to be able to be a part of this event and to meet so many nice people.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The best hats and fascinators made in America

Let me tell you why my hats and fascinators are the best in America.  First, each and every one of my fascinators are made by me personally, I make most of them from scratch and some from preformed frames.

The flowers are either completely handmade a petal at a time out of Sinamay or Satin and crepon sheer or they are a combination of a silk flower with organza or crepon sheer added and the centers replaced with custom stamens or beads.

I use many kinds of feathers, ranging from the traditional Ostrich, Peacock and Pheasant to unusual Chicken and Turkey feathers, I often cut, curl and/or dye them and use them very tastefully.

My fascinators are easy to wear, they are all set either on a headband or a comb and can be customized to whatever my client wants.

I am the only person making custom hats and fascinators that can make flowers out of a client's personal dress fabric, or dye fabric or feathers so that the fascinator will be even more striking and completely customized.

Price is another thing that makes my designs so appealing, custom fascinators and hats priced from $25.00 for a band of flowers or ribbon and flowers to from $32.00 to $52.00 for a custom hand made hat or fascinator.

One more thing that is rarely experienced today, wonderful customer service, your hat will arrive in a new, sturdy box with your purchase wrapped if fresh, pink tissue paper with a little "thank you" card.

My styles are unique and extremely beautiful, I follow the English styles but do not copy them, they are uniquely American with an English flair.

When you view my designs, you will see that they are delightful, delicate little confections that will make you look marvelous.
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