Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dragon Lady

In my last post I showed you my Dragon still in pieces on my worktable, now here he is complete and one with me. Isn't he wickedly beautiful?

Friday, October 18, 2013


Halloween is just around the corner and I am going to a luncheon where I need to dress in costume. I have decided to dress as the "Dragon Lady". Which to me means dressing in black, wearing creepy make up and wearing Dragons. What did I get myself into? The Dragon pattern I am using is a masterpiece but so very intricate and time consuming I have been making this Dragon for days. Here is a picture of my worktable covered with Dragon parts. If I get the little sucker done I will post his picture.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wedding fascinators

My wedding fascinators are simply the best

I have been looking through the bridal magazines, on the internet and watching "Say yes to the Dress" and I have not seen anything made in America or imported to America that can hold a candle to my wedding fascinators.  I am going to concentrate on making them even better this year and doing some creative marketing.  I have started a little early making a custom wedding fascinator for a beautiful young lady who is getting married next summer.

As soon as I have finished with my Yule Boutique commitment, I will get started on my new line for spring and I will give special attention to making the most beautiful, original and upscale wedding fascinators in the world!

Here is a little of what I did last year.