Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What is a Fascinator?

What is a Fascinator?

How does a Fascinator differ from a hat?

The answer to this question is rather nebulous. The dictionary definition is "A lacy shawl or head covering" but, today's definition is quite different and there are several opinions as to just what a fascinator is. To me, a fascinator can be anything from a fancy hair decoration to a cute hat with attitude.  A hat is a serious fashion statement while a fascinator is a cuter more frivolous version. A fascinator can be worn on most occasions where you would wear a hat but I would not wear a fascinator to a very serious function such as a funeral.

Monday, June 24, 2013

How do Fascinators stay on?

Fascinator attachments

Fascinators are worn a little different from the hats in the past. Today many women have short hair so how is that little disk staying perched on the side of her head? Many fascinators are set on a headband, some have elastic that goes around the back of the head and some are set on a comb.  If a woman has short hair and the fascinator has a comb she would need to back comb and spray her hair, let it dry and insert the comb in this spot.

Yellow Fascinator by Arlene Cano

Arlene's first post

This is where we will discuss and learn about Fascinators

We will talk about the most prominent English and Australian designers and what they are doing this season. Among my favorites are Rachael Morgan, Gina Foster and Pip Hackett, all English designers with beautiful designs. Take a minute and look at their websites and see what they are doing.